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Refuse Collection Vehicles

Rear Loaders


Combining innovation with incredible compaction, this fleet of loaders takes waste management to the next level. 

  • The Power Press/Variopress is designed to cope with the most challenging operating conditions.
  • Capacity ranges from 18CBM to 30CBM.
  • Faun uses Zoeller lifters for emptying various bin capacities ranging from 120L 2-wheeled bins to 7CBM open skips.

Side Loaders


  • Rapid one-man operation
  • Innovative automated technology for cost-effective household waste collection.
  • SIDEPRESS is the ideal solution for suburban and rural areas.
  • The one-man operation, direct from the cab, will quickly reap financial benefits, with higher vehicle productivity.
  • Household waste of all types can be collected in containers ranging from 60L to optionally 1100L

Front Loaders


  • The FRONTPRESS, a one-person-operated vehicle.
  • Joystick controlled, the driver controls the approach and emptying procedures with great ease from the cab.
  • Available capacities: 28m3& 33m3
Refuse Collection Vehicles


This fleet of refuse compactors comes in a wide range of sizes and is easy to operate.

  • Haller Refuse compactor available in sizes 7CBM, 12CBM, 16CBM, 20CBM and 25CBM.
  • Robust design, engineered in and produced by the Kirchhoff group.
  • Simple electrics and easy to maintain its hydraulic system.
  • Lifter configuration to empty bins from 120L till 1.1CBM plus skips of 5-7CBM.
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Waste Compactors

Portable Compactors


Top-of-the-line portable compactors that keep the environment free from waste.

  • For compaction of wet waste and dry waste.
  • Available with an integrated bin lift system.
  • Can be mounted by hook lift or skip lift vehicles.
  • The capacities range from 5CBM-30CBM.
  • MPC for Dry/wet waste.
  • SKPC for wet waste.

Static Compactors


  • Compaction pre dominantly dry waste, such as cardboard, light wood, etc
  • The container part can be carried in a hook lift truck separately
  • Container capacities range from 22m3 to 30m3
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The extensive features of the Orwak range enable multiple applications, meeting waste management requirements across industries including hospitality, healthcare, offices, general retail and food retail. 

TOM is your neighbourhood helper. He adores crowds and will gladly gobble up leftovers.

  • Automatic shutter and motion sensor.
  • Bag compartment.
  • Easy to wrap and check status.


Orwak 3420 - Very fast with a cycle time of only 24 seconds

  • Strong hydraulic concept and solid machine design
  • Fast operation and intelligent features
  • More great features


Orwak 9020 - High capacity multi-chamber version where the chambers allow for a lot of cardboard

  • Extendable system
  • High capacity system


Bin & Bag Compactors

  • Orwak has a range of bin and bag compactors for general applications.
  • Customer segments like food and non-food retailers, restaurants, educational institutions, hospitals, ferries and ships.
  • Ideal for compaction of mixed waste in bags and in two or four wheeled bin.
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Suction Sweeper - Faun


The new generation of FAUN sweepers brings sophisticated technology to the forefront, leading to better airflow and suction.

  • Viajet
  • Terrajet – Airfield open in All Weather

Mechanical Sweeper - Brodd Master


  • Self driven mechanical sweeper with integrated chassis
  • Mechanical sweeper with vacuum assistance
  • Hopper volume 6 CBM
  • Dumping height 3.2m

Truck Towed Sweeper - Brodd Scandinavia


  • Heavy Duty sweeper available in 2 wheel/3 wheel version
  • Sweeping capacity of 1.2 tons per minute
  • Brodd float brush suspensions

Suction Sweeper - Roots


Roots sweeper , manufactured in India is a truck mounted sweeper predominantly for Municipal applications and airports .

  • Roots are available in a several capacities from 3 cbm to 9 cbm.
  • Can be mounted on a variety of chassis including Hino, Isuzu etc
  • Cost effective and efficient design.
  • Presently operating in various GCC countries.
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Sewerage Recycling & Jetting Units

Sewerage Recyclers


Keeping the city odour-free by expert sewer cleaning and water recycling.

  • Combined operation of suction and high-pressure mode.
  • Automatically operated water recycling system.
  • Tank capacity of up to 18,000L total air capacity.
  • Vacuum pump capacity up to 3,000m3/h at 60% vacuum.
  • High pressure pump up to 500L/min at 170 bar with pneumatic pressure relief valve.

High Pressure Jetting Unit - Rojet


  • Unit is built on a suitable chassis
  • CCTV and jetting unit can be incorporated
  • Sufficiently dimensioned pump and drive engine
  • Construction and mounting is possible in any suitable new or used vehicle
  • Low maintenance costs through own drive unit
  • Speed limitation, so no over-revving of the HP pump
  • Built-in pressure switch valve, thus allowing work with wash lance/spray gun
Waste Composter


Composting is the way of the future. Oklin's range allows food waste composting for diverse sectors.

  • Variety of commercial applications from restaurants to large-scale institutions.
  • State of the art microbial technology.
  • Composting machines reduce waste volumes by up to 90%, saving disposal costs and in turn creating a nutrient-rich reusable end-product.
  • Capacity ranges from 4kg per day to 1.5 tons per day.