Garbage Chute systems offer ease and convenience to the community, encouraging them to get rid of litter and keep the environment clean. MT Khoory has partnered with leading brands that are incredibly innovative.

We are the sole representatives of Wilkinson USA in the UAE, and together, we bring top-notch systems that meet both recycling and green building initiatives of the government.

garbage chute
Garbage Chute/Linen Chute


These chute systems can be tailored as per client needs.

  • Material shall be Stainless steel 304 or equivalent.
  • Chute diameter: 450/500/600/700/750/800mm, and more.
  • Duct thicknesses: 1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5mm, and more.
  • Hopper Door: UL label, fire-rated.
  • Fire and cleaning sprinklers on every intake throats.
  • Automatic brush cleaning system and sanitizing unit with access door.
  • The system complies with NFPA standard
garbage chute garbage chute
Chute Compactors



This chute compactor is ideal for areas with restricted space and access.

  • 5HP, microprocessor-controlled residential building stationary compactor.
  • Proven, dual cross-cylinder design for extreme horizontal and vertical space limitations.
  • Fits trash rooms that larger compactors cannot.



A fully automatic, electric eye controlled, hydraulically operated, rectangular shaped ram packer. It displaces up to 54 cubic yards of refuse per hour packing a front or rear load commercial containers.

garbage chute
Automated Recycling System


The Wilkinson-Hi-Rise Trisorter

An effective recycling system that inspires sustainable living among the community.

  • Addresses recycling needs in multi-storey buildings.
  • 3 Designs: In-line Unit, Corner Unit, End-Feed Unit.
  • System software may be programmed to lock out specific doors.