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Packaged RO Unit


MTK is the manufacturer & distributer of RO Unit – Reverse Osmosis Systems & Components for Sea & Brackish water, used both in commercial & residential sector. Suitable for continuous and heavy duty operations. Our Products have earned an industry-wide reputation for their high quality and superior performance.

  • High Quality Components from USA / EUROPE
  • High Quality Corrosion resistant material of construction
  • Compact Space saving Construction
  • Production of Sweet water used for Irrigation in Farmlands
  • Production of Deionized water used in Industrial application
  • Production of High Quality Drinking water for Villas / Labour camps & Bottling plants
  • Fresh water supply to Island Resorts & Hotels, Sea front Residences / Villas etc
  • Compact space saving construction
Forsta Filters USA


A California based company, Forsta provides self- cleaning filtration equipment throughout the United   States and Internationally. 

As a premier manufacturer of self-cleaning water filters,   Forsta offers low-maintenance, high-efficiency and dependable equipment to a variety of industries. Forsta’s straightforward approach makes suspended particle removal a simple task for a wide range of water sources and applications. A diverse selection of materials, sizes and configurations mark Forsta’s   line of self-cleaning filters as the most versatile in the market.

Engineers at Forsta work closely with customers to assess project parameters. The Forsta commitment is to determine the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and long-lasting   filtration solution for every application. 

Forsta prides itself in superior customer service, maintaining prompt and thorough communication that spans from inquiry to installation and throughout operation. Design phases are simplified with the inclusion of comprehensive equipment submittal packages.

Forsta’s presence in the filtration market has provided great ease to the experience of engineers and end-users alike.

Forsta invites you to become a part of its fastgrowing network of highly satisfied customers. 

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